Fitzroy Turtle

The Fitzroy Turtle is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Fitzroy Turtle in Queensland, Australia, can obtain it's oxygen through it's cloacal opening, allowing it to stay underwater longer than many other species of turtles - even up to a few days. More

the Fitzroy Turtle which breathes through its bottom by means of an elaborate series of cloacal gills, the Northern long-necked turtle which lays its eggs underwater, the distinctive Pig-nosed turtle whose sex is determined by temperature of incubation, and the Western Swamp More

The Fitzroy Turtle breathes through the rear end of its digestive system. The Gould More

It was thought that the Fitzroy turtle could hold its breath for three days, until it was caught cheating by breathing through its bum. Diving animals are so skilled at breath-holding that they even do it for no reason. More

Fitzroy turtle was probably present in the impoundment area. The brief said a pre-feasibility study had concluded there were other known and potential threatened species in the area. More

Common names

fitzroy river turtle in English - English
Fitzroy schildpad in Dutch - Nederlands
Fitzroy Turtle in English - English

Order : Testudines
Family : Chelidae
Genus : Rheodytes
Species : Rheodytes leukops
Authority : Legler and Cann, 1980