Elseya georgesi

The Elseya georgesi is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

Elseya georgesi is restricted to the Bellinger River of mid-eastern New South Wales and its tributaries. This river starts as a narrow stream but once it reaches Thora 30 krn downstream and enters the Bellinger Valley, it broadens considerably. More

Diagnosis: Elseya georgesi is a moderately large species of turtle known only from the Bellinger River and its tributaries on the northeast coast of New South Wales. More

turtle coexist in the Bellinger River: Elseya georgesi is common but limited to the Bellinger River, whereas Emydura macquarii is widespread but rare in the Bellinger River. The Bellinger River population of E. macquarii has been proposed as a distinct subspecies, so it may be endangered. More

Common names

Bellinger River Turtle in English - English

Order : Testudines
Family : Chelidae
Genus : Elseya
Species : Elseya georgesi
Authority : CANN 1997