Parvoscincus sisoni

of two species, one of which, Parvoscincus sisoni sp nov, is described here from seven specimens from the Mt. It is characterized by large, spindle-shaped gametocytes, the nucleus of the macrogamete usually subterminal, and schizonts most commonly elongate with 20 to 65 nuclei. More

Parvoscincus sisoni Classification Genus Phoboscincus Terror Skink (Phoboscincus bocourti Phoboscincus garnieri Plestiodon is the name for genus of American Lizards formerly referred to as Eumeces, except those now placed in Mesoscincus Prasinohaema More

Order : Squamata
Family : Scincidae
Genus : Parvoscincus
Species : Parvoscincus sisoni
Authority : FERNER, BROWN & GREER 1997