Round Island skink

The Round Island skink is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Round Island skink or Telfair's skink (Leiolopisma telfairii), is a species of skink endemic to Round Island (Mauritius). Other members of the genus Leiolopisma occur on New Caledonia and New Zealand but the Round Island skink is closely related to the two extinct Mascarenes taxa, L. More

The Round Island skink is a brownish-grey lizard, often speckled with darker or brown flecks, which reaches an average total length of about 30-40 centimetres. Its small, shiny scales shine with rainbow-coloured iridescence in the sunshine (2). More

involving the Round Island skink, have met with considerable success. More

* Countries in which the the Round Island skink is known to occur: Mauritius More

Round island skink; Round island boa; Solomon island skink; Skink; Round goby; Round snail; Round scad; Round whitefish; Round burrfish; Round sardinella; Round stingray; European round snail; Round gall wasp; Dwarf round ray; Fake round ray; Munda round ray; Reticulate round ray; Roger's round ray; More

The Round Island Skink is a species capable of caudal autonomy. This skink is often seen darting in the underbrush or between rocks. Brian L. More

Round Island skink to its native island was not contemplated as, fortunately, rats never reached Round Island and the population of skinks was not in serious danger of becoming extinct. More

Common names

Leiolopisma in French - fran├žais
Round Island skink in English - English
Telfair-Skink in German - Deutsch
Telfair-szkink in Hungarian - Magyar
Telford's Ground Skink in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Scincidae
Genus : Leiolopisma
Species : Leiolopisma telfairii
Authority : DESJARDIN 1831