Anolis omiltemanus

The Anolis omiltemanus is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

* Anolis omiltemanus DAVIS 1954 * Anolis onca O More

Anolis omiltemanus Anolis pandoensis Anolis parvicirculatus Anolis pentaprion Anolis petersii Anolis pijolense Anolis polyrhachis Anolis purpurgularis Anolis pygmaeus Anolis quercorum Anolis rodriguezi Anolis rubribarbaris Anolis sagrei Anolis schiedei Anolis schmidti Anolis sericeus Anolis serranoi Anolis simmonsi Anolis subocularis More

Anolis omiltemanus Davis, 1954 - invalid - Anolis de Omilteme Anolis parvicirculatus Alvarez del Toro and Smith, 1956 - invalid - Anolis de Barriozabal Anolis pentaprion Cope, 1862 - invalid - Anolis liquen Anolis petersii Bocourt, 1873 - invalid More

Anolis omiltemanus Davis, 1954 - invalid - Anolis de Omilteme Anomalorbis manuatus Vine, 1972 - valid Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann, 1820 - valid Anopheles annulimanus Wulp, 1867 - invalid Aphyolebias manuensis Costa, 2003 - valid Apogon kagoshimanus D More

Order : Squamata
Family : Polychrotidae
Genus : Anolis
Species : Anolis omiltemanus
Authority :

Anolis omiltemanus