Anolis breedlovei

The Anolis breedlovei is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

Anolis breedlovei SMITH & PAULSON 1968 Norops breedlovei - GUYER & SAVAGE 1986 Norops breedlovei More

* Anolis breedlovei SMITH & PAULSON 1968 * Anolis bremeri BARBOUR 1914 * Anolis brevirostris BOCOURT 1870 * Anolis brunneus COPE 1894 * Anolis calimae AYALA, HARRIS & WILLIAMS 1983 More

biporcatus Anolis breedlovei Anolis cobanensis Anolis compressicauda Anolis crassulus Anolis cumingii Anolis cuprinus Anolis cymbops Anolis damulus Anolis dollfusianus Anolis duellmani Anolis forbesi Anolis isthmicus Anolis johnmeyeri Anolis laeviventris Anolis lemurinus Anolis macrinii Anolis macrophallus Anolis matudai Anolis megapholidotus More

Anolis breedlovei Smith and Paulson, 1968 - invalid - Anolis de Breedlove Anolis capito Peters, 1863 - invalid - Anolis jaspeado Anolis carolinensis Voigt, 1832 - valid - anole vert, Anolis verde, Green Anole Anolis compressicaudus Smith and Kerster, 1955 - invalid More

Anolis breedlovei, Anolis hobartsmithi, Anolis pygmaeus w kategorii EN - zagrożonych wyginięciem. Przypisy - 1. ↑ Polychrotidae. w: Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ang. More

Anolis breedlovei Smith & Paulson, 1968 anolis cobanský - Anolis cobanensis Stuart, 1942 anolis Cookův - Anolis cooki Grant, 1931 anolis Cumingův - Anolis cumingii Peters, 1863 anolis Cuvierův - Anolis cuvieri Merrem, 1820 anolis černý - Anolis homolechis (Cope, 1864) More

Anolis breedlovei Smith & Paulson Anolis breedlovei Smith and Paulson, 1968 Anolis bremeri Anolis bremeri BARBOUR 1914: 288 Anolis bremeri Barbour 1914 Anolis bremeri bremeri Anolis bremeri bremeri BARBOUR 1914 More

Anolis breedlovei was found in cloud forest "composed of Quercus skinneri, Podocarpus guatemalense, and Oreopanax sanderianus trees, Cyathea tree ferns and an epiphytic flora very rich in orchid species with Heliocereus and the striking Tillandsia imperialis," "a very More

Order : Squamata
Family : Polychrotidae
Genus : Anolis
Species : Anolis breedlovei
Authority :

Anolis breedlovei