Desert horned lizard

The Desert horned lizard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Desert Horned Lizards have horns that are longer than they are wide at the base, which isn't true for their congener, the Short-horned Lizard. More

the Desert Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos) consisting of two subspecies: the Northern (P.p. platyrhinos) which inhabits the Great Basin Desert, and the Southern (P.p. calidiarum) which inhabits the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts including a finger of the east coast of northern Baja California. More

Desert Horned Lizards have one row of fringe on the sides. Compare with the Coast Horned Lizard which has two. Neonate, Kern County. More

Desert Horned Lizard Here's a Toad thats not really a toad at all! The Phrynosoma, or Horned Lizards, have also been referred to as Horned Toads, Horny Toads, and even Horned Frogs. More

DIET: The Desert Horned Lizard feeds on ants and a variety of other insects including beetles and the larvae of moths and butterflies. It also feeds on a variety of spiders and some plant material. More

The desert horned lizard is a common yearlong resident in the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado deserts (Behler and King 1979) as well as in the northeastern corner of the state. An isolated population exists in San Jacinto River Wash, Riverside Co. (Stebbins 1972). More

All the variously colored Desert Horned Lizards shown in our images here (above & below) - light gray, beige to reddish - belong to the Regal species since they have four large horns at the back of the head with the bases of these horns in contact with one another. More

Desert horned lizards, are a species of lizards characterized by the horns on their heads and spiny bodies. They are native to North America. Read on for more information regarding these creatures, who resemble toads. More

desert horned lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos) - click here to open a new window with this photo in computer wallpaper format You can see from the shape of its body why many people used to call these guys "horned toads", though of course they're not related to toads at all. More

Phrynosoma platyrhinos, the desert horned lizard, occurs in lowland deserts in southeastern Oregon, southwestern Idaho through Nevada, western Utah, California, Arizona, south barely into northern Baja California and northern Sonora, Mexico. P. More

Common names

desert horned lizard in English - English
goodei: Sonoran Horned Lizard in English - English
Lagartija-cornuda de desierto in Spanish - espaƱol
Padhagedis in Dutch - Nederlands

Order : Squamata
Family : Phrynosomatidae
Genus : Phrynosoma
Species : Phrynosoma platyrhinos
Authority : Girard, 1852