Texas horned lizard

The Texas horned lizard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) is one of 14 North American species of spikey-bodied reptiles called horned lizards. P. cornutum ranges from Colorado and Kansas to northern Mexico, and from southeastern Arizona to Texas. More

The Texas Horned Lizard spends most of their heating up their bodies from the sun, eating harvester ants and chasing away predators. They dig burrows or occupy one constructed by another animals, often near the mounds of their favorite food source. More

The Texas horned lizard has declined in about 30% of its range, though there is some indication it may be making a comeback. More

participation in Texas Horned Lizard Watch, you can take part in an effort to better understand why our official state reptile is doing well in some locations and what factors may have contributed to its decline in other areas. More

Why is the Texas Horned Lizard on the endangered species list? Most older Texans have had, at one time or another, a horny toad for a pet. Its appeal is the combination of a fierce appearance and a surprisingly pleasant personality. More

Texas horned lizard photo More

Texas horned lizards are squat and spiny, with a short tail and two large occipital "horns" on the head. They also have a large blotch on either side of the neck, and large, dark spots on the back. More

The Texas Horned Lizard is colored in varying shades of brown, from yellowish, reddish, greyish tan, or sometimes mostly greys. The back is also marked with dark spots. More

The Texas Horned Lizard's intimidating exterior is quite opposite from its docile and gentle nature. They spend their days eating, sunbathing and eluding predators. Their activities are based on an internal biological clock. More

The Texas Horned Lizard or "horny toad" is a flat-bodied and fierce-looking lizard. The head has numerous horns, all of which are prominent, with two central head spines being much longer than any of the others. More

The Texas horned lizard or "horny toad" is a flat-bodied and fierce-looking lizard. More

Texas Horned Lizards have very unusual defense mechanisms. The first defense mechanism they have is when they feel danger, they will flatten out their bodies and just freeze wherever they are at. More

Texas Horned Lizard - Introduced Phrynosoma cornutum - Description: 2.5 - 4 in (6.5 - 10 cm). Horned lizards or "horny toads" are small lizards with bodies so flattened that they are almost circular in shape. More

average Texas Horned Lizard is 69 mm (2.7 in) snout... More

The Texas Horned Lizard is located in southwest United States in Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma. It also can be found in northern parts of Mexico. More

4-10 cm) Texas horned lizards have two central head spines which are much longer than any of the others, two rows of fringe scales on each side of the abdomen, and gray or brown coloration. They also have a round, flat body shape. More

Phrynosoma cornutum, the Texas horned lizard, is the Texas State Reptile. It is one of fourteen species of horned lizards, unique iguanians belonging to the clade Phrynosomatidae. More

Texas horned lizard populations have declined significantly in Texas and Oklahoma. The species has virtually disappeared in eastern and central portions of its range in Texas due to human disturbances, such as the conversion of habitat to agriculture and urban centers. More

The Texas Horned Lizard can be generally be found in areas with a healthy population of harvester ants. These types of areas usually includes sandy areas and areas with low grass or sparse vegetation. More

Researchers discovered one adult Texas Horned Lizard will eat from 200 to 300 ants a day. Biologists use small transmitters attached to a collar secured around the lizard's neck or an implanted computer chip to aid in locating the reptiles. More

Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum), the mountain short-horned lizard (P. douglasii hernandesi), and the round-tail horned lizard (P. modestum). More

Common names

Kurzhorn-Krötenechse in German - Deutsch
Lagartija-cornuda texana in Spanish - español
Phrynosoma cornutum in French - français
Texaanse padhagedis in Dutch - Nederlands
texas horned lizard in English - English
Tüskés békagyík in Hungarian - Magyar

Order : Squamata
Family : Phrynosomatidae
Genus : Phrynosoma
Species : Phrynosoma cornutum
Authority : HARLAN 1825