Common Lizard

Common lizards are the only reptile found in which part of the British Isles? * Wales * Ireland * Scotland 2. More

The common lizard feeds on small insects and other invertebrates. More

through to northern Asia, being the most common lizard in Northern regions (they are absent from the Mediterranean area and the area surrounding the Black Sea). Common lizards are also the only reptile found in Ireland. More

Do common lizards have bumpy backs? Read answer... More

Common Lizard (C) Fred HolmesCOMMON LIZARD Zootoca vivipara Where to find them The common (or viviporous) lizard is most frequently seen on commons, heaths, moorland, dry stone walls, embankments and sea cliffs around the British Isles. More

The common lizard is a small reptile that has a long body with short legs and a long, tapering tail. They usually grow to between 10cm and 16cm (four inches and six inches), it can grow up to 18cm (seven inches). More

Common lizard on rock Common lizard on rock Common lizard, viviparous lizard Lacerta vivipara Common lizards have the ability to shed their tails in order to fool predators when threatened. More

The five-lined skink in the most common lizard in Missouri. submitted photo The five-lined skink in the most common lizard in Missouri. submitted photo By Phil Surratt psurratt@bransondailynews. More

The common lizard can be distinguished from newts by having dry scaly skin and being active during the day rather than at night. Lizards are very agile and alert, so if you can pick it up, then it is likely to be a newt. More

The common lizard, Ireland's only reptile, can often be seen sunning itself on dry stone walls, rocks or logs during the summer months. These animals occupy a range of habitats, including woodland, marshes, heath, moors, bogs, sand-dunes and even rubbish dumps. More

Common Lizard Common Lizard Common Lizards, Lacerta vivipara Common Lizards, Lacerta vivipara Zootoca vivipara, firfisler. Common ... Zootoca vivipara, firfisler. Common ... common lizard under the nose of the ... common lizard under the nose of the ... More

Common Lizard - sexing - male on left, female on right More

Common Lizard Common Lizards can be a number of different colours, ranging from brown or yellow-brown to almost green, with a pattern of darker spots, flecks or stripes. More

Common Lizard at Rhossili, Gower, South Wales UK Common Lizard at Rhossili, Gower, South Wales UK Click thumbnails to enlarge. More

As reptiles, the common lizard lacks the ability to maintain a constant body temperature and must bask in the sun to warm itself. It avoids the extreme cold by hibernating in burrows or crevices between October and February. More

colouration of common lizards is not severely limited by dietary carotenoid intake. Together with earlier studies, these findings suggest that the common lizard's carotenoid-based colouration may be a composite trait, consisting of fixed (e.g. More

The common lizard previously known as Lacerta vivipara is videly distributed from northern Spain to the Pacific Ocean To the north it is found as high as the Polar Circle and to the south in northern Italy and Bulgaria. More

This is probably the most common lizard in the southwestern United States. It can be found in abundance from the coastal cliffs through the chaparral covered coastal plains and foothills to the mixed forests of our highest mountains. More

The common lizard is the next likely species to be found although only if you live close to a particular habitat. The sand lizard is very rare and only present in a few counties in the UK so is unlikely to be encountered. More

To sex Common lizards, it is necessary to view their undersides, as the male has a bright yellow, speckled belly, whilst the female’s is paler and unblemished. More

About: The Common Lizard is our commonest and most widespread reptile. About 10 to 15cm long, usually brownish-grey in colour, often with rows of darker markings down the back and down the sides. More

The Common Lizard (also known as viviparous lizard) can live almost anywhere, but they prefer reasonably warm places with good basking sites. Adults can reach 14 cms and colouration can include shades of brown, grey and dark green. More

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Common names

Common Lizard in English - English
Firfisle in Norwegian Nynorsk - Norsk nynorsk
Glazard bevc'haner in Breton - brezhoneg
Gyvavedis driežas in Lithuanian - lietuvių kalba
Ještěrka živorodá in Czech - česky
Lacerta vivipara in Spanish - español
Lagartija de turbera in English - English
Levendbarende hagedis in Dutch - Nederlands
Skogsödla in Swedish - Svenska
viviparous lizard in English - English
viviparous lizard in Ukrainian - українська мова
Waldeidechse in German - Deutsch
Živorodna kuščarica in Slovenian - slovenščina
Zootoca vivipara in Italian - Italiano
Живородящая ящерица in Russian - русский язык
コモチカナヘビ in Japanese - 日本語

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Original source: Flickr
Author: chema tal y tal external link, Squamata
Family : Lacertidae
Genus : Zootoca
Species : Zootoca vivipara
Authority : VON JACQUIN 1787