Sicilian Wall Lizard

The Sicilian Wall Lizard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

* Sicilian Wall Lizard Podarcis wagleriana * Podarcis wagleriana wagleriana * Podarcis wagleriana antoninoi * Podarcis wagleriana marettimensis Search Wikimedia Commons More

The Sicilian Wall Lizard (Podarcis wagleriana) is a species of lizard in the Lacertidae family. It is endemic to Italy. Its natural habitats are temperate forests, temperate shrubland, Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation, temperate grassland, arable land, pastureland, and rural gardens. More

Capula M: Sicilian wall lizard Podarcis wagleriana. In Atlante degli Anfibi e dei Rettili d'Italia . Edited by: Sindaco R, Giuliano D, Razzetti E, Bernini F. Societas Herpetologica Italica, Edizioni Polistampa, Firenze; 2006:494-497. More

Sicilian Wall Lizard, Podarcis waglerianus - Gistel, 1868 Large Psammodromus, Psammodromus algirus - (Linnaeus, 1758) Spanish Psammodromus, Psammodromus hispanicus - Fitzinger, 1826 European Glass Lizard, Pseudopus apodus - (Pallas, 1775) More

striped Painted Frogs, Ocellated Skink and Sicilian Wall Lizard (Podarcis waglerianus). On the grassy banks of the artificial lake at Piana degli Albanesi, we found Western Whip Snake, Sicilian Wall Lizard, Italian Wall Lizard and some Italian Three-toed Skink (Chalcides chalcides). More

Sicilian Wall Lizard - Podarcis waglerianus (lo Zingaro, Sicily, April 2005) ? Aeolian Wall Lizard - Podarcis raffonei (Vulcano, Sicily, March 2005) Tyrrhenian Wall Lizard - Podarcis tiliguerta (Capo d'Orso, Sardinia, More

Lizard, Podarcis sicula Sicilian Wall lizard, Podarcis tiliguerta Tyrrhenian Wall Lizard, Psammodromus algirus Algerian Sand Lizard, Anguis fragilis Slow Worm, Anguis fragilis colchicus, Diploglossus delasagra, Monitors monitor lizards, Varanus bengalensis Bengal Monitor, Varanus dumerillii Dumeril's Monitor, Varanus exanthematicus Savanna Monitor, Varanus salvator More

Common names

Podarcis wagleriana in Italian - Italiano
Sicilian Wall Lizard in English - English
Sizilianische Mauereidechse in German - Deutsch

Order : Squamata
Family : Lacertidae
Genus : Podarcis
Species : Podarcis waglerianus
Authority : GISTEL 1868