Podarcis tiliguerta

Podarcis tiliguerta Gmelin 10 47 1.55 Lacerta bilineata Daudin 4 26 2. More

Podarcis tiliguerta Gmelin Is something missing? Join the Paleobiology Database and enter the data Rank Name Author genus Podarcis Wagler 1830 More

Podarcis tiliguerta; Podarcis dugesii; Podarcis hispanicus; Podarcis melisellensis; Podarcis muralis; Podarcis tauricus; Podarcis taurica; Podarcis sicula; Podarcis hispanica; Podarcis carbonelli; Podarcis bocargei; Podarcis bocagei; Podarcis peloponnesiacus; Podarcis siculus; Podarcis carbonelli berlenguensis; Total Images : 44 Page No. More

scientific name of this species is Podarcis tiliguerta, Podarcis from Greek meaning 'agile' and 'feet'. Tiliguerta from Latin meaning 'Tyrrhenian'. More

lizard Podarcis tiliguerta: genetic structure and population heterogeneity in a geographically fragmented species. Heredity 77: 518-529. * Capula, M. 2002. More

Podarcis tiliguerta GMELIN 1789 Podarcis tiliguerta contii Podarcis tiliguerta contii LANZA & BRIZZI, 1977 Podarcis tiliguerta eiselti Podarcis tiliguerta eiselti (LANZA, 1972) Podarcis tiliguerta granchii Podarcis tiliguerta granchii LANZA More

Common names

Podarcis tiliguerta in French - fran├žais
Tyrrhenische Mauereidechse in German - Deutsch

Order : Squamata
Family : Lacertidae
Genus : Podarcis
Species : Podarcis tiliguerta
Authority : GMELIN 1789