Little Brown Snake

trout, ducks, and one sleeping little brown snake on a twig. The nicest two things about this resort are the beautiful setting with views of red rock on two sides (visible from room balconies, the pool, the restaurant deck), and the *incredibly* friendly and helpful staff. More

This harmless little brown snake lives in my yard. I've seen several of them over the years, usually when I'm digging. Brown Snake Brown Snake My Email: Steph@mail.heuristron. More

A little brown snake is no match for my anaconda. More

This little brown snake is happy to be your friend as its tongue flicks out to get to know you. More

The snake was a healthy, little Brown Snake about 12 inches in length. I took it home with me, and as it was already dark, I decided to keep it in the bucket over night. More

gif Also even though a little brown snake has totally toxic venom, a little snake deosn't have the quantity of a large brown snake. I would suggest that your dog only got a very small dose of venom vs weight and got to the vet quickly as well. More

kind of cool that a drab little brown snake gets a name of planetary proportions! Earth Snakes eat earthworms and other small invertebrates. The ones pictured here are from southern Illinois. More

Sure enough, there was a little brown snake half in the grass, half on the driveway. Both halves together were probably all of six inches long. It stood it's ground and we kept our distance. More

Facts about little brown snake, as discussed in Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia Little brown snake: = a small Australian snake, Elapognathus minor,. More

Common names

Little Brown Snake in English - English
Short-nosed snake in English - English
Short-nosed Snake, Little Brown Snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Hydrophiidae
Genus : Elapognathus
Species : Elapognathus minor
Authority : G