Cloud Forest Coral Snake

The Cloud Forest Coral Snake is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction.

* Cloud Forest Coral Snake, Micrurus nebularis (Roze, 1989) * Central American Coral Snake, Micrurus nigrocinctus - Yucatan and Chiapas to Colombia as well as western Caribbean islands * Micrurus nigrocinctus babaspul More

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* Cloud Forest Coral Snake - Micrurus nebularis * Central American coral snake - Micrurus nigrocinctus * Micrurus oligoanellatus * Micrurus ornatissimus * Micrurus pacaraimae * Micrurus pachecogili * Micrurus paraensis * Peru coral snake - Micrurus More

Common names

Cloud Forest Coral Snake in English - English
Serpiente-coralillo de niebla in Spanish - espaƱol

Order : Squamata
Family : Elapidae
Genus : Micrurus
Species : Micrurus nebularis
Authority : Roze, 1989