Western Coral Snake

The Western Coral Snake is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Western Coral snake lives in the area of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northern Mexico, to the southwest corner of New Mexico. The Eastern Coral snake can be found north to North Carolina, and south to Florida. More

Western coral snake can be found from southern Arizona to northwestern Mexico. It is a relatively small snake usually less than 50 cm long. It mainly inhabits grasslands and dry, deserted regions. More

The Western coral snake is smaller, rarely reaching more than 50 cm (more than 20 in), and occurs in dry habitats. Some South American coral snakes are more than 2 m (more than 6.5 ft) in length, and some are semi-aquatic. More

Western coral snakes live in Arizona's and northern Mexico's Sonoran Desert. They are often found in rocky locales where Saguaro cacti are present. They prefer the cool microcosm of life under rocks where they are not likely to encounter much company. More

Western Coral snake is the only snake on the earth that has red bands that border white/ yellow. The western coral snake is a nocturnal creature, and so hunts at night. More

The brightly banded Western Coral Snake, a relative of the Indian Cobra, injects a venom twice as powerful as the rattlesnake. But because of its size, anatomy and habits, there are no known deaths in the Desert Southwest attributed its bite. More

The small Western Coral Snake has a correspondingly small head. Adults grow only 13 to 22 inches in length with a girth about the size of a pencil. More

The western coral snake is approximately thirteen to twenty-two inches long, and it, like the eastern coral snake, is a member of the elapidae family. The western coral snake is oft times found in the northern region of Mexico. More

Habitat: The Western Coral Snake is found in a wide variety of habitats within its limited U.S. range. It occurs in both flat areas and rocky montaine areas including scrubland, pine forest, grasslands, and farm land. More

The western coral snake is shown in the above graphic. As previously stated, they are similar to the eastern corals but have lighter yellow bands and slightly different coloration. More

Common names

arizona coral snake in English - English
Arizona-Korallenotter in German - Deutsch
Serpiente-coralillo sonorense in Spanish - espaƱol
Sonoran Coralsnake in English - English
Western Coral Snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Elapidae
Genus : Micruroides
Species : Micruroides euryxanthus
Authority : KENNICOTT 1860