Smooth earth snake

The Smooth earth snake is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Smooth Earth Snake (Virginia valeriae) is a species of non-venomous colubrid snake native to the eastern half of the United States, from Texas and Iowa to New Jersey and Florida. More

Smooth Earth Snake, Virginia valeriae, which it shares range and habitat. The keeling on the scales being the only way to distinguish the species. For additional detail, see Identification of Smooth and Keeled Scales, University of Florida, Department of Herpetology. More

The Smooth Earth Snake is a small fossorial snake whose rarity is undoubtedly more apparent than real. The biggest threat to its continued existence in Kansas is that of commercial and residential development. More

The Smooth Earth Snake is currently listed by South Carolina and Virginia as a species of special concern. More

* Comments: The smooth earth snake is primarily nocturnal and rarely seen above ground except after heavy rains. It spends most of its time hidden under logs and rocks in wooded hillside habitats. More

Description: The smooth earth snake looks much like its cousin the rough earth snake, but its scales are smooth and it is often characterized by tiny black dots scattered across the back. Feeding/Diet: They feed mostly on earthworms. More

The Smooth Earth Snake has smooth scales on the front part and weakly keeled scales on the rear part of the body, a divided anal scale, six scales on the upper lip and two or more scales bordering the rear edge of the eye. More

COMMENTS: The western smooth earth snake is one of the rarest snakes of the Metroplex. More

Range (see map on left): The Smooth Earth Snake is a species of the southeastern and south-central United States from New Jersey in the east to Iowa in the west, southward to north-central Texas in the west, and eastward to northern Florida. More

The Eastern Smooth Earth Snake is one of Ohio's smaller snakes. Its slim body is gray to reddish- or yellowish-brown, generally lighter in color than most surface soils in Ohio. More

Smooth Earth Snakes have smooth or weakly keeled scales. Rough Earth Snakes have keeled scales. Smooth Earth Snakes may be found throughout South Carolina. Rough Earth Snakes may be found in most of South Carolina, except for the upper Piedmont and Mountains. More

Description: The Smooth Earth Snake is a small , - 7-10 inches (18-25.4 cm) More

The Smooth Earth Snake is from the order Squamata. Species from this order are amphisbaenians, lizards or snakes. There are over 6,000 living species belonging to the squamata order - it is the largest order of all reptiles. More

Common names

Glatte Erdschlange in German - Deutsch
smooth earth snake in English - English
Smooth Earthsnake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Virginia
Species : Virginia valeriae
Authority : Baird and Girard, 1853