Rim rock crowned snake

The Rim rock crowned snake is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

Rim rock crowned snake: Left to right: Top view of head; underside (chin and throat) view of head. Rim rock crowned snake: Left to right: Side view of head; front (face) view of head. More

Range (see map below): The Rim Rock Crowned Snake has a limited distribution in extreme southern Florida. It is found only in Dade and Monroe counties including the Miama Rim Rock Limestone formation southward into the northern Keys from Key Largo to Marathon. More

Adult Rim Rock Crowned Snakes (RRCS) has a black head and chin while the rest of the body has an off-white almost pinkish color. The body of younger individuals is almost red. This species is not found anywhere else than Florida. And in Florida it's very rare. More

The Rim Rock Crowned Snake is from the order Squamata. Species from this order are amphisbaenians, lizards or snakes. There are over 6,000 living species belonging to the squamata order - it is the largest order of all reptiles. More

The Rim Rock Crowned Snake has the black head extending to the base of the neck without an interrupting light band. The species is restricted to extreme southern Florida and the northern Florida Keys. More

Common names

rim rock crowned snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Tantilla
Species : Tantilla oolitica
Authority : Telford, 1966