Lycodon muelleri

Stegonotus muelleri has changed to lycodon muelleri (Lycodon muelleri More

druh Lycodon muelleri - lykodon filipínský druh Lycodon osmanhilli druh Lycodon paucifasciatus druh Lycodon ruhstrati druh Lycodon solivagus druh Lycodon stormi druh Lycodon striatus - lykodon vlkozubý druh Lycodon subcinctus druh More

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* Lycodon muelleri DUM More

Lycodon muelleri DUM More

1st picture is Lycodon muelleri and the 2nd picture is Oligodon ancorus Posted on: 2008/12/14 19:03 Transfer the post to other applications Transfer Top woongson Re: New Forum * Rare Snakes* #6 More

Common names

Java Wolf Snake in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Lycodon
Species : Lycodon muelleri
Authority : DUM