Smooth Green Snake

The Smooth Green Snake is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

A Smooth Green Snake in Ontario Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3. More

smooth green snake is Opheodrys vernalis. Common Names: these snakes are sometimes called by a variety of other names, such as grass snakes, green whip snakes, garden snakes, vine snakes, and keeled green snakes. More

The Smooth Green Snake is a small (30–66 cm), unpatterned, smooth-scaled, green snake with a yellow to white venter. More

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View the distribution of observed Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis) on a map Habitat: Lush growths of herbaceous and shrubby vegetation along mountain and foothill streams and meadow habitats adjacent to riparian vegetation. More

Smooth Green Snake is active during the day but in the dense, green vegetation of moist meadows they are difficult to spot. If handled, this snake may try to bite, but because of its small size, it is unlike to make much of a wound. More

The smooth green snake is a bit lighter in shade as compared to the rough green snake. The belly of the smooth green snake is of somewhat the ivory color and its throat is of pale white color. More

Misc Snakes - Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis)004 Misc Snakes - Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis)004 Web 724x480 (49kb) More

The Smooth Green Snake (Opheodrys vernalis, sometimes Liochlorophis vernalis) is a non-venomous North American snake, found in Ontario, Eastern Canada, and almost every northern state in the U.S. It also sometimes called a Grass Snake. It is a snake of increasing conservation concern in some U.S. More

Smooth green snakes are irregularly distributed in Connecticut. Most recent records are east of the Connecticut River, though there are current and historical records from the western portion of the state. More

Size: The smooth green snake is about 1 to 2 feet long. Color: Green with a yellow or off-white underside. Reproduction Smooth green snakes mate in the spring. The female lays 3 to 11 eggs. More

Eastern Smooth Green Snake Opheodrys vernalis vernalis At-a-Glance • Typical foods: Insects; particularly crickets, grasshoppers, butterflies, small caterpillars, and ants • Length: 14-20 inches • Gestation period : 4-23 days • Number of offspring More

The smooth green snake is found in southeastern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, southern Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes. In the U.S., it is found in small pockets east of the Rockies. More

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Habitat: Smooth green snakes are usually found in old fields, meadows, and around houses. They can be found by flipping boards and rocks. Breeding Activity: Mating has been observed in mid to late August. More

Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis) Description: A small, smooth scaled bright green snake with a whitish or yellowish belly. Young green snakes are olive, brown, or gray. An occasional adult specimen will retain the juvenile color. More

Smooth green snakes can get up to 20 inches in length. It is a plain bright green above with a white or pale yellow belly. This is a gentle snake. More

is much larger than the Smooth Green Snake (34 to 77 inches in length). Smooth Green Snake (Liochlorophis vernalis) Identification: Snake 14 to 26 inches in length. A small, slim snake tapering to a long, tapered tail. Color bright green. Belly white, but tinged with yellow. More

Except for the brilliant green color, the smooth green snake has no truly remarkable qualities that differentiate the species from other snake species. These small, docile snakes can be found in local areas of northeastern South Dakota and throughout the Black Hills. More

Area where smooth green snake is found in South Dakota Characteristics: * Small and slender * Greenish upper body, head and tail uniformly green, with a whitish belly * Smooth scales * Nonvenomous More

Close-up of a Smooth Green Snake on a flower (Opheodrys vernalis) (Stock Image 1346-737 More

The smooth green snake has scales that are not keeled. Green snakes emerge in April or May and mate in the late spring or summer. Eggs are laid from June to September, perhaps in two clutches of 4-6 eggs. More

racer, smooth green snake, and ribbon snake) were identified as species in greatest need of conservation in New Hampshire’s Wildlife Action Plan completed in the fall of 2005. Overall, snakes are poorly studied and basic distribution and life history information is lacking. More

) Smooth green snake is on page 60.) State Rank Status: Vulnerable Distribution: Throughout NH including Isles of Shoals Description: A thin, slender bright-green snake measuring 10-20 inches. The underside is white or a pale yellow. More

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Order : Squamata
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