Sinai Dwarf Racer

coronelloides - Sinai dwarf racerשלוון טלוא ראש - Eirenis rothi - Roth's dwarf racerשלוון קולר - Eirenis modesta - Asia minor dwarf racerשחור ראש שלווני - Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus - Palestine kukri snake כרכנים : כרכן הקרינים - Elaphe quatuorlineata - Four lined rat snakeכרכן More

Sinai Dwarf Racer (Eirenis Coronelloides) שלוון אזורים = Sinai Dwarf Racer (Eirenis Coronelloides) שלוון אזורים by HyperViper. Taken May 11th, 2007 West of Jericho, Israel. More

Sinai Dwarf Racer, Eirenis coronelloides Sinai Dwarf Racer (Eirenis coronelloides) © 2008 Maik Dobiey This large subfamily is worldwide, although primarily confined to the Northern Hemisphere. North American Racers and whipsnakes are slender, fast-moving diurnal creatures. More

Common names

Sinai Dwarf Racer in English - English

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Eirenis
Species : Eirenis coronelloides
Authority : JAN 1862