Dolichophis schmidti

Dolichophis schmidti; Dolichophis caspius; Dolichophis jugularis; Cletus schmidti; Edriolychnus schmidti; Eustomias schmidti; Orthosia schmidti; Poecilimon schmidti; Leuroglossus schmidti; Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti; Eupholidoptera chabrieri schmidti; Total Images : 36 Page No. More

Schmidt's Whip Snake, (now named Dolichophis schmidti), is quite a bit different looking. You can see photos of Dolichophis schmidti at: Hope this helps. More

* Dolichophis schmidti at the New Reptile Database. Accessed on 30 August 2008. Vernacular names - English: schmidt's Whip Snake Retrieved from "http://species.wikimedia. More

Common names

Schmidts Pfeilnatter, Rote Springnatter in German - Deutsch

Order : Squamata
Family : Colubridae
Genus : Dolichophis
Species : Dolichophis schmidti
Authority : NIKOLSKY 1909