Cuban boa

Keeper Notes: The longest of all arboreal Boas, the Cuban Boa has extremely well developed heat sensing pits located on the lower jaw. The Cuban Boa gives birth to live babies, typically a small litter, the average number born to a female boa is 4-6 young. More

Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer), one of the larger species of boa of this genus = Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer)Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer)Majá de Santamaría (Epicrates angulifer)Scientific name: Epicrates angulifer Common name (english): Cuban Boa Common name (spanish): More

Description: The Cuban boa is an endangered island-dwelling animal. It is found in holes and rock piles and on cultivated land. They are primarily arboreal. They can reach a length of 4 m, being one of the larger species of boa of this genus. More

Being a constrictor, the 6 � foot Cuban boa feeds primarily on birds, small mammals, and lizards. More

Cuban boa coiled amongst tree roots© Chris Mattison / Cuban boa flicking its tongue Cuban boa flicking its tongue© Chris Mattison / Head of a Cuban boa Head of a Cuban boa© P. Morris / www.ardea. More

The Cuban boa is a the largest of the Epicrates genus. This is a large, heavy bodied species that is endemic to Cuba. Our adults average 7-9ft in length and are very heavy. This species gives birth to very small litters of large neonates. More

The Cuban Boa know as Majá de Santamaría is an endangered island-dwelling animal and is one of the larger species of boa of this genus.... more info. More

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Care of the Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer) Common Name: Cuban BoaScientific Name: Epicrates anguliferDescription: The Cuban Boa is the largest of the West Indian Boas of the genus Epicrates reaching lengths of over 12´. More

* The Cuban Boa, also known as the Cuban Tree Boa, spends a lot of its time in trees. * They can be found in woodland and rocky habitats. Cuban Treefrog (Osteopilus septentrionalis) * This species of frog is endemic to Cuba. More

The critically endangered Cuban Boa is rarely seen is zoos around the world. At RainForest Adventures we are proud to announce the birth of 4 new born Cuban Boas. The little ones were born at RainForest Adventures on December 5. More

evaluated two types of snake skins, namely Cuban Boa a 'dark More

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Common names

Boa de cuba in French - français
Boa de cuba in Spanish - español
cuban boa in English - English
Cuban tree boa in English - English
Kuba-Schlankboa in German - Deutsch
Maja de sta. maría in Spanish - español

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Order : Squamata
Family : Boidae
Genus : Epicrates
Species : Epicrates angulifer
Authority : BIBRON 1843