Morelet's crocodile

Morelet's crocodile is a medium-size species (seldom exceeding 3.5 m/12 feet). It lives in the Caribbean lowlands of southeastern Mexico, Belize and northern Guatemala, and has probably occurred in Honduras in the past. More

* Countries in which the the Morelet's crocodile is known to occur: Belize , Guatemala , Mexico More

Morelet's crocodile at Cotswold Wildlife Park Conservation status Endangered (IUCN 2. More

of Morelet's Crocodile Crocodylus moreleti in Belize. Biol. Conserv. 17:103-113. 6 Thorbjarnarson, J. 1994. Trip Report Belize. Unpublished report for The Wildife Conservation Society. 7 pp. More

species of Crocodilian, the Morelet's Crocodile can lay as many as 40 eggs per clutch (average 28). A nest is excavated near the bank of a source of freshwater, the typical incubation period is 65-70 days. More

Picture of a Morelet's crocodile, Crocodylus moreletii, found in Mexico, Belzie and Guatemala. More

Morelet's Crocodile Facts and Photos on this Small Crocodile from Central America - Top Right Solid Corner The Morelet’s crocodile, also known as the Central American crocodile, Mexican crocodile, or Belize crocodile, has a very restricted range. More

Morelet's Crocodile (Central American, Belize, Mexican Crocodile) = Image (c) P. Ross, crocodilian. More

The Morelet's Crocodile is a small crocodile, seldom exceeding 10 feet in length. There are reports of individuals reaching 14 feet. These larger animals can be considered dangerous to humans. This crocdile primarily inhabits freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds. More

* Morelet's crocodiles generally have 66 to 68 teeth. * They have powerful legs with clawed webbed feet, and large tails that allow them to swim with powerful thrusts. More

Images of Morelet's crocodile on the Animal Diversity Web (University of Michigan Museum of Zoology). Literature & Links labels The preserved hide of Crocodylus moreletii. More

The Morelet's crocodile is a small crocodile, seldom more than 10 feet long. It lives mostly in freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds, and is almost always shy and timid, Some of the largest adults are bolder and are considered dangerous to humans. More

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osteoderms), numbers of Morelet's crocodile were severely depleted by hunting during the middle of this century, and the trend continues through further illegal and indiscriminate taking of skins. Increased development of the rainforest areas is also threatening the survival of the species. More

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The Morelet's crocodile is also called an alligator, an agarei, brown crocodile or swamp crocodile. That's one good reason why critters have scientific names. There's only one Crocodylus moreleti. More

Morelet's Crocodile is named after the French naturalist P M A Morelet who discovered the species in Mexico in 1850. More

Morelet's crocodiles and the saltwater American crocodiles, which you can read about in the article Low Levels of Nucleotide Diversity in Crocodylus moreletii and Evidence of Hybridization with C. acutus published in Conservation Genetics, 2004. More

Morelet's Crocodile is a relatively small crocodile. It has a broad snout and is greyish brown with darker bands and spots on the body and tail. Young have yellow with black banding. More

Morelet's crocodiles occur in areas of Central America including Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. These crocodiles are relatively small, usually less than 3m in length. They are generally shy and timid although the larger ones can be considered dangerous to humans. More

Common names

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Species : Crocodylus moreletii
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