Philippine freshwater crocodile

The Philippine freshwater crocodile is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

The highly endangered Philippine freshwater crocodile lives only in rivers on islands to the west of Luzon, but when it was time for the nursery, Puerto Princessa’s Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center became the obvious site to save this critically endangered species. More

The Philippine Freshwater Crocodile is Critically Endangered and considered to be at a very high risk of extinction due to the low population and local threats. More

Common names

Crocodile des Philippines in French - français
Crocodylus mindorensis in Catalan - Català
Crocodylus mindorensis in Italian - Italiano
Crocodylus mindorensis in Tagalog - Tagalog
Filipijnse krokodil in Dutch - Nederlands
Filippiinienkrokotiili in Finnish - suomen kieli
Krokodil Filipinez in Breton - brezhoneg
mindoro crocodile in English - English
Philippine crocodile in English - English
Philippine freshwater crocodile in English - English
Philippinen-Krokodil in German - Deutsch
Philippinenkrokodil in German - Deutsch
Philippines crocodile in English - English
Крокодил филиппинский in Russian - русский язык
Филиппинский крокодил in Russian - русский язык

Order : Crocodylia
Family : Crocodylidae
Genus : Crocodylus
Species : Crocodylus mindorensis
Authority : Schmidt, 1935