Johnson's crocodile

Johnson's crocodile, native to northern Australia, that has escaped from a private collection. In the wild, it can grow to 3m but is not known to attack people. More

believe it's a Johnson's crocodile, about 50 to 60cm in length. The Johnson's freshwater crocodile, native to northern Australia, can grow up to three metres but is not known to attack people. More

The Johnson's crocodile is not known to attack people, however it is still regarded as dangerous and they can give you a nasty bite if you stand on them while in the water. More

Common names

Australian freshwater crocodile in English - English
Australien-Krokodil in German - Deutsch
Australienkrokodil, Su?wasserkrokodil in German - Deutsch
Cá sấu mũi dài in Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
Cocodril australià in Catalan - Català
Crocodile de Johnston in French - français
Crocodilo-de-água-doce in Portuguese - Português
freshie in English - English
Freshwater Crocodile, Johnstone River Crocodile in English - English
Johnson's crocodile in English - English
Johnston's crocodile in English - English
Johnstone's crocodile in English - English
Krokodíl Johnsonov in Slovak - slovenčina
Krokodil Johnston in Breton - brezhoneg
Sötvattenkrokodil in Swedish - Svenska
Крокодил австралийский Джонсона in Russian - русский язык
Слатководен крокодил in Macedonian - македонски јазик
オーストラリアワニ in Japanese - 日本語

Order : Crocodylia
Family : Crocodylidae
Genus : Crocodylus
Species : Crocodylus johnsoni
Authority : Krefft, 1873