Order : Carnivora
Family : Hyaenidae
Subfamily : Hyaeninae


Facts about the subfamily Hyaeninae, the hyenas

The interaction & violence between lions and hyenas is unforgettable.

As in female hierarchies among baboons, rank among hyenas is acquired from the mother, so that cubs have the same social position from birth. (Full text)

Its relationship to other Hyenas is a fairly recent discovery.

- club comedy hyenas eat hyenas is bank commercial financial intermediaries

Which of the following about hyenas is true? (Full text)

Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas is absolutely outstanding.

The interaction & violence between lions and hyenas is unforgettable.

Hares & Hyenas bookshops/Screaming Hyena online magazine Hares & Hyenas is Melbourne, Australia's queer bookshops. (Full text)

We spoke to research zoologist Laurence Frank, a member of the Berkeley Project, who is part of a rare research study of hyenas in captivity (spotted hyenas are found in the wild only in Africa, south of the Sahara). (Full text)

They greet and identify each other in ceremonies that resemble the greetings of dogs (although hyenas are not related to dogs).

the hyenas are escaping (Full text)

1 Wandering in packs called clans, hyenas are not afraid of taking on animals much larger than themselves! (Full text)

Make no mistake about it lions and hyenas are surely predators and (as are all predators) are genetically programmed killing machines.

Hyenas are most closely related to Civets but have been a seperate line for millions of years.

Different from most other animals, female spotted hyenas are dominant over the males and outweigh them by about 3 pounds.

Click on the links to learn more about: Hyena : Lion : Leopard : Elephant : Zebra : Wild Dog : Cheetah : Giraffe : Buffalo : White Rhino Some facts about Hyenas Hyenas are about the size of a large, powerfully-built dog and have sloping backs, broad heads, thick muscular necks and well-developed forequartes. (Full text)

All hyenas are mainly scavengers but, in cases of short food supply, will actively hunt live prey.

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