Northern Banded Newt

The Northern Banded Newt is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

This species should not be confused with the Northern Banded Newt (Ommatotriton ophryticus), which used to be considered a subspecies of O. vittatus. References - * Arntzen, J.W., Kuzmin, S., Papenfuss, T., Degani, G., Ugurtas, I. More

* Northern Banded Newt (Ommatotriton ophryticus) * Southern Banded Newt (Ommatotriton vittatus) * Genus Pachytriton (Paddle-Tail Newts) - 2 species (with 4 more More

Northern Banded Newt Ommatotriton ophryticus Banded Newt Ommatotriton vittatus Pachytriton Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton brevipes Spotted Paddle-Tail Newt Pachytriton labiatus Paramesotriton Spot-Tailed Warty Newt Paramesotriton caudopunctatus Chinese More

* Northern Banded Newt (Ommatotriton ophryticus) * Southern Banded NewtBanded NewtThe Southern Banded Newt is a species of More

Order : Caudata
Family : Salamandridae
Genus : Ommatotriton
Species : ophryticus
Authority : (Berthold, 1846)