Wehrle's Salamander

The Wehrle's Salamander is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Wehrle's salamander (Plethodon wehrlei) is a large salamander with webbed hind feet. It is bluish-black with big, scattered white spots on its back. Its sides are covered with white to yellow spots and blotches. More

Species Description: Wehrle's salamander attains a total length of about 5-6 inches (12.7-15.2 cm). The sides have white or cream-colored flecks which often form a blotched appearance. The belly is slate gray. More

Wehrle's salamander is named in honor of R.W. Wehrle. The species was first described from one of his many collections. More

The shaded region represents the range of Wehrle's salamander in North Carolina. Photo by J Mays This website created by: J. Willson, Y. Kornilev, W. Anderson, G. Connette and E. Eskew. For comments or questions contact M. More

Wehrle's salamander is found in upland forests near the entrances of caves and among rock outcrops (Martof et al. 1980). It is perhaps most frequently found in rocky gorges that are covered with mesic hardwood forest (Redmond and Scott 1996). More

Wehrle's salamander (Plethodon wehrlei) = Photos Distribution Map Distribution Map Characteristics - This is a large salamander with webbed More

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Wehrle's salamander has been reported from only two locations in Ohio: along Sunfish Creek in Monroe County and along the Little Muskingum River in Washington County. Only a single adult was found at each location, in the 1930s. More

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Wehrle's Salamander (Plethodon wehrlei) Grey-cheeked Salamander Complex (Plethodon amplus, meridianus, metcalfi, montanus) Slimy Salamander Complex (Plethodon aureolus, chattahoochee, chlorobryonis, glutinosus, teyahalee) Cheoah Bald and Red-legged Salamanders (Plethodon cheoah, shermani) Yonahlossee Salamander More

Wehrle's salamander (Plethodon wehrlei) Potential Distribution Map * Resource Identifier: http://gapmap.nbii.gov/generatemap. More

* Wehrle's Salamander Distribution Map - Herp Atlas map for Wehrle's Salamander * Four-toed Salamander Distribution Map - Herp Atlas map for the Four-toed Salamander * Northern Spring More

Order : Caudata
Family : Plethodontidae
Genus : Plethodon
Species : wehrlei
Authority : Fowler and Dunn, 1917