Eastern red-backed salamander

The Eastern red-backed salamander is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) = Red-backed salamander. The red to red-orange stripe running from the head to the tail of this salamander is distinctive. Their sides are dark, often with gray-blue spots. More

Eastern Red-backed Salamander - Plethodon cinereus The Red-backed Salamander is the most commonly encountered salamander throughout most of its range. More

eastern red-backed salamandereastern red-backed salamander - common salamander of eastern North AmericaPlethodon cinereussalamander - any of various typically terrestrial amphibians that resemble lizards and that return to water only to breedgenus Plethodon, Plethodon - type genus of the Plethodontidae More

eastern red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus = Definition: eastern red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus - common salamander of eastern North America Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world’s leading Q&A siteReference AnswersEnglish▼English▼ More

Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) Eastern Red-backed Salamander Adult from Marion County Description - Coloration: A small, short-legged salamander, typically with a wide red dorsal stripe. More

* Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) * Frogs (Anura) (including Toads) * Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) * Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) More

The Eastern Red-backed Salamander is characterized by a red stripe which starts at the back of the head and extends to just short of the tip of the tail. The red stripe is usually very straight and covers almost its entire back. More

Of these species, the Eastern Red-Backed Salamander is the smallest, typically growing to about 10cm long. Next in size is the Red Spotted Newt, which grows to about 13cm. More

Eastern Red-backed Salamanders come in three color phases: red-striped "redback," dark-striped "leadback," and a rare, red-bodied phase. Mites, which are also abundant, are one of their most important foods. More

Eastern Red-backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus - redback salamanders redback salamander The Red-backed Salamander along with all salamanders within the family Plethodontidae are lungless. Nearly all of their respiration takes place through cutaneous gas exchange. More

Eastern red-backed salamanders exhibit color variants that include red-backed and lead-backed morphs co-occurring in most populations (summarized in Petranka, 1998). More

Eastern Red-backed Salamander Plethodon cinereus - Status: Wisconsin – Locally common Minnesota – Locally common Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Drawing of a female attending her eggs) Hatching size, 2 cm total More

similar appearing Eastern Red-backed Salamander (bottom) by looking at their bellies. More

The eastern red-backed salamander is restricted to the northeastern corner of the state; the southern red-backed salamander is found only in the southeastern corner of the state along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. More

Eastern Red-backed Salamander Plethodon cinereus = enlarge + Eastern Red-backed Salamander More

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Order : Caudata
Family : Plethodontidae
Genus : Plethodon
Species : cinereus
Authority : (Green, 1818)