Ozark Zigzag Salamander

The Ozark Zigzag Salamander is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Ozark Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon angusticlavius) is a species of salamander in the Plethodontidae family. It is endemic to the United States. Its natural habitats are temperate forests, freshwater springs, rocky areas, and caves. It is threatened by habitat loss. More

The Ozark Zigzag Salamander is pale gray with a gray reticulation, and has a wavy stripe on the back that varies somewhere between red and yellowish. More

Ozark zigzag salamanders are part of a large salamander family that share one thing in common: they have no lungs. Instead, they breathe through their skin and mouths. More

Ozark Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon angusticlavius) = Description Habitats Habits and Life History Prey and Hunting Techniques Temperament and Defense Conservation State Distribution and Abundance Gallery More

Ozark zigzag salamanders (Plethodon angusticlavius) are distributed throughout the Ozark Plateaus Province, from northwestern Arkansas to the eastern edge of Oklahoma and the southern tip of Missouri (Thurow, 1966). More

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Ozark Zigzag Salamander (Plethodon angusticlavius) = Recent Records - Taxon Date County State 1. More

Reproductive cycle of the Ozark zigzag salamander, Plethodon dorsalis angusticlavius (Caudata, Plethodontidae), in north central Arkansas = Association = Presentation Information bulletin Statutes Tariff Contacts More

Ozark Zigzag Salamander or "Plethodon angusticlavius" going under a rock in the front room. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. More

with the Ozark zigzag salamander, Plethodon dorsalis, as the outward appearances of the two are similar, and they are closely related. More

No one knew where Ozark zigzag salamanders (Plethodon angusticlavius Grobman) went in the summer, or where they laid their eggs. There were theories, of course, but all based on the behavior of other salamanders. More

* Ozark zigzag salamander Plethodon angusticlavius (G5T4) endemic * Cave Ecosystem * Grotto salamander Typhlotriton spelaeus (G4) endemic More

territorial behavior of the Ozark zigzag salamander (Plethodon angusticlavius). Master of Science, 2001. Paul Frese. Spatial activity, growth, and population characteristics of Siren intermedia in an intensively managed wetland. Master of Science, 2000. More

Ozark Zigzag Salamander - Plethodon dorsalis Southern Redback Salamander - Plethodon serratus Western Slimy Salamander - Plethodon glutinosus Dwarf American Toad - Bufo americanus Woodhouse's Toad - Bufo woodhousii Plains Spadefoot - Scaphiopus bombifrons More

Order : Caudata
Family : Plethodontidae
Genus : Plethodon
Species : angusticlavius
Authority : Grobman, 1944