Oregon slender salamander

The Oregon slender salamander is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Oregon Slender Salamander (Batrachoseps wrightorum) is a species of salamander in the Plethodontidae family. It is endemic to the United States. Its natural habitat is temperate forests of moist Douglas fir, maple, and red cedar woodlands; to 3,000' (914 m). More

The Oregon Slender Salamander is Oregon's only endemic salamander and can be found primarily on the western side of the cascades over it's 240 km range. They are an old growth associate, but have been found in naturally reproducing stands of 50-80 year old forests. More

The Oregon slender salamander (Batrachoseps wrighti) is a terrestrial species endemic to Oregon and associated with late successional mesic forests. More

Allwine, 1991) showed that Oregon slender salamanders were second only to ensatinas in abundance in naturally regenerated stands: 1.26 salamander/site in old growth; 2.10 in mature; and 2.1 in young. More

Order : Caudata
Family : Plethodontidae
Genus : Batrachoseps
Species : wrighti
Authority : (Bishop, 1937)