Tehachapi slender salamander

The Tehachapi slender salamander is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Tehachapi slender salamander (Batrachoseps stebbinsi) is a plethodontid salamander, and one of the larger members of genus Batrachoseps. It is closely related to the Kern Canyon slender salamander. More

Another Tejon Species, the Tehachapi Slender Salamander, Headed for Endangered Species Protection Published on Apr 23, 2009 - 6:09:21 AM Email this article Printer friendly page By: Center for Biological Diversity LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2009 - The U.S. More

Tehachapi Mountains, Tehachapi slender salamanders have been recorded from seven discrete localities at elevations of 550–790 m (Brame and Murray, 1968; R.W.H., unpublished data). Populations tentatively allocated to B. More

Tehachapi slender salamanders are uncommon in their range. They are found in the Piute and Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County, California. Populations have also been located in the Sequoia National Forest in Tulare County, California. More

The Tehachapi slender salamander is also listed as threatened by the State of California. The Tehachapi slender salamander is a member of the lungless salamander family. When threatened, it can coil its body much like a snake. More

The Tehachapi slender salamander (Batrachoseps stebbinsi) is lungless, breathing through its thin, fine skin. The species is adapted to digging and burrowing underground. It is relatively large, with an elongated body and tail and reduced limbs relative to other lungless salamanders. More

Tehachapi slender salamander as an endangered species, which could cause problems for large developments in California like the massive Tejon Ranch project. More

In the southern Sierra, the Tehachapi slender salamander occurs in a portion of Caliente Canyon. The Tehachapi mountain range population is located about 13 miles southwest of the Caliente Canyon population on properties owned by Tejon Ranch and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. More

If the Tehachapi slender salamander, which lives north of L.A., becomes a protected species, urban growth could be limited. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-salamander28-2009apr28,0,135726. More

“The Tehachapi slender salamander has taken a beating in the northern part of its range, while its southern range is now threatened by proposed developments on Tejon Ranch,” said Ileene Anderson, a Center for Biological Diversity biologist. More

The Tehachapi slender salamander is known from only two populations. One in Caliente Canyon in the southern Sierras and one in the Tehachapi Mountains entirely on Tejon Ranch. Development plans on Tejon Ranch threaten five of the known locations of the secretive salamander. More

review of whether the lungless Tehachapi slender salamander is a separate and distinct population from the Caliente Canyon variety. If the population is separate, it may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act. More

Order : Caudata
Family : Plethodontidae
Genus : Batrachoseps
Species : stebbinsi
Authority : Brame and Murray, 1968