Green and gold frog

The Green and gold frog is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

Frog in Victoria & South Australia and Green and Gold Frog in Tasmania. This species has been introduced to New Zealand. More

Why is the Green and gold frog threatened? The number and distribution of these frogs is declining, particularly in north-west Tasmania. Much of this frog's habitat is disappearing. This may be due to such practices as draining land for other purposes, including agriculture and housing development. More

Green and Gold frogThe beautifully patterned green and gold frog is listed as Vulnerable on the Schedules of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995, as population levels have declined markedly over the past ten years. More

The green and gold frog is Tasmania's largest species, growing to 90 mm. The tadpoles of this species can reach 100 mm in length The call of the green and gold frog is a long, modulated growl, "craw-aw-aw-aw-awk". More

A green and gold frog that donned a tri-corner hat, Colonel Ebirt was originally used as a promotional tool for Colonial Williamsburg. It became involved with the College athletics program when someone from the William & Mary gymnastics program volunteered to wear the costume. More

You'll love this graceful green and gold frog pin with its dangly legs! The body and legs are separate sections, hinged in the middle so the legs can swing freely. This cute pin is gold-plated, and accented with deep green enamels. More

beautifully patterned green and gold frog is the only Tasmanian species listed as vulnerable". Read More Moss Froglet Tasmania - Dept. More

As if the green and gold frog did not have enough problems to contend with, the current drought facing Tasmania is pushing it to new limits. More

The elusive green and gold frog, which grows to 9cm long, with the males having a distinctive growling call. More

Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Litoria
Species : raniformis
Authority : (Keferstein, 1867)