Water-holding Frog

The Water-holding Frog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Water-holding Frog, is a frog common to most Australian states. It differs from most other members of the Hylidae family as a ground dweller and the ability to estivate. More

water under arid conditions is the water-holding frog, Cyclorana which inhabits the central desert regions of Australia. More

Water-Holding Frog: Holds Large Quantities of Water in Their Body = Adjust font-size: + – Elisia Yun Published December 28, 2007 by:Elisia YunView Profile | Follow | Add to Favorites More:Holding The Water-holding frog has many interesting qualities and characteristics More

* Freak of Nature: Water-Holding Frog - This little Australian frog will do anything to survive tough times. More

bath taken by Australia's water-holding frog is actually a precursor to its unique survival trick: The frog fills up with water and entombs itself underground for up to two years. More

Water-holding Frog In Cacoon in Burrow In Cacoon in Burrow Frog-Distribution-Map-Templ.jpg Distribution Arid zone of WA. Also occurs in arid regions of NT, SA, QLD and NSW. Habitat Widely distributed across many habitat types. More

water-holding frog and seeds of the paper daisy. More

Discusses the interesting behavior of the water-holding frog of Australia. During the rainy season, this frog gains 50% of its weight in water, then burrows itself in three feet of mud. More

The water-holding frog prefers to live in grasslands, temporary swamps, claypans, and billibongs. Their distribution is limited to southern Australia. More

Physical characteristics: The water-holding frog is a chubby frog that has a round but flattened body. Its head blends into its body and does not have an obvious neck. Its eyes sit toward the top of the head. More

Another member of the Water-holding frog family is called the short-footed Water-holding frog (Cyclorana brevipes). It has a yellow-beige background color on its skin with broken brown stripes or blotches down its back. More

Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Litoria
Species : platycephala
Authority : (Günther, 1873)