Cooloola sedgefrog

The Cooloola sedgefrog is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Cooloola Sedgefrog or Cooloola Tree Frog (Litoria cooloolensis) is a species of frog in the Hylidae family. It is endemic to Australia. Its natural habitats are swamps, freshwater lakes, intermittent freshwater lakes, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marches, and coastal freshwater lagoons. It is threatened by habitat loss. More

* Cooloola sedgefrog Litoria cooloolensis * wallum rocketfrog Litoria freycineti * wallum sedgefrog Litoria olongburensis * northern sedgefrog Litoria bicolor * shrill whistlefrog Austrochaperina gracilipes More

Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Litoria
Species : cooloolensis
Authority : Liem, 1974