Striped Burrowing Frog

The Striped Burrowing Frog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The striped burrowing frog (Cyclorana alboguttata) is a species of burrowing frog in the Hylidae family. It occurs throughout much of Australia, from northern New South Wales, through eastern and northern Queensland and into eastern Northern Territory. More

Striped Burrowing Frogs (Cyclorana alboguttata) in amplexus. Photographed at Gurley, NSW. Copyright Evan Pickett. Photograph by Evan Pickett. More

striped burrowing frog, Cyclorana alboguttata? Journal of Experimental Zoology m300A: 126-132 Cramp, R.L. and Franklin, C.E. 2005. Arousal and re-feeding rapidly restores digestive tract morphology following aestivation in green-striped burrowing frogs. More

this Striped Burrowing Frog climbing up a sandstone rock I had never noticed the beautiful colours on this species. Nikon D300 ,Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro 1/250s f/16.0 at 60. More

Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Litoria
Species : alboguttata
Authority : (G√ľnther, 1867)