Golden poison frog

The Golden poison frog is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Golden Poison Frog's alkaloid poison, one of a number of poisons common to dart frogs (batrachotoxins), prevents nerves from transmitting impulses, leaving the muscles in an inactive state of contraction. This can lead to heart failure or fibrillation. More

The golden poison frog is found in moist tropical rain forests. They lay eggs on land, and when the tadpoles hatch, the male carries them on his back to a larger area of water where they will complete their metamorphosis. More

The golden poison frog measures around 47 mm and is one of the largest frogs of the Dendrobatidae family. More

Golden Poison Frog / Dark Fruit-eating Bat / Minor Long-nosed Long-tongued Bat / Guianan Spear-nosed Bat / Short-headed Broad-nosed Bat / Buffy Broad-nosed Bat / White-lined Broad-nosed Bat / Colombian Weasel / Atta laevigata / List More

The Golden Poison Frog is the most poisonous animal in the world. Unfortunately, they are on the brink of extinction because tropical rainforests are disappearing. More

The golden poison frog is one of these and the most deadly. Its poison is 20 times more toxic than that of other dart frogs. More

• The golden poison frog Phyllobates terribilis is considered to be the most poisonous animal in the world, producing enough nerve toxin at once to kill 10 humans! • The frogs' Latin family name, Dendrobatidae, means “one who walks in the trees. More

Golden Poison Frogs can be found in the western foothills of the Andes on a More

geographic range of the golden poison frogs because of the risks of surveying land owned by the Columbian drug cartels. More

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Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates terribilis ) Image Source Golden Poison Frog or the Golden Dart Frog is the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. It is a poison dart frog endemic to Colombia. More

Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates terribilis) of Colombia is said to be lethal if held in one's hand. More

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Order : Anura
Family : Dendrobatidae
Genus : Phyllobates
Species : terribilis
Authority : Myers, Daly and Malkin, 1978