Theales is a botanical name at the rank of order.

Families in the order Theales of plants

Actinidiaceae - Actinidiaceae, or the Chinese Gooseberry family, is a small family of plants.

Theaceae - Camelliaceae

Guttiferae - One feature which is sometimes found in this family, and rarely in others, is providing pollinators with resin as a reward, instead of the more common pollen or nectar .

Dipterocarpaceae - Dipterocarpaceae is a family of 17 genera and approximately 500 species of mainly tropical lowland rainforest trees.


Caryocaraceae - Caryocaraceae is a family of flowering plants consisting of two genera and about 25 species.


Asteropeiaceae - Asteropeiaceae is the botanical name for a family of flowering plants.

Ochnaceae - The family Ochnaceae, or wild plane family, comprises mainly trees or shrubs, and more rarely herbaceous plants.



Quiinaceae - Quiinaceae Engl.


Marcgraviaceae - Marcgraviaceae is a neotropical angiosperm family in the order Ericales.

Medusagynaceae - The gynoecium of the flower resembles the tentacles of a jellyfish, hence the common and generic names of the plant.