Sapindales is a botanical name for an order of flowering plants.

Families in the order Sapindales of plants

Aceraceae - Aceraceae is a family of flowering plants also called the Maple Family.

Rutaceae - Rutaceae, commonly known as the rue is a family of flowering plants, usually placed in the order Sapindales.


Hippocastanaceae - Hippocastanaceae is the name given to a small group of trees and shrubs, when this group is treated as a family.

Meliaceae - The Meliaceae, or the Mahogany family, is a flowering plant family of mostly trees and shrubs in the order Sapindales.

Simaroubaceae - Ailanthaceae J. Castelaceae J. Holacanthaceae Jadin, nom. Leitneriaceae Benth. Simabaceae Horan. Soulameaceae Endl.

Sapindaceae - Sapindaceae, also known as the soapberry family, is a family of flowering plants in the order Sapindales.

Anacardiaceae - Anacardiaceae is a family of flowering plants bearing fruits that are drupes and in some cases producing urushiol, an irritant.

Burseraceae - Burseraceae is a moderately sized family of 17-18 genera and about 540 species of flowering plants.

Melianthaceae - The family Greyiaceae is merged into the Melianthaceae in the APG II system; Francoaceae is optionally included within the Melianthaceae.


Zygophyllaceae - Balanitaceae Endl. Krameriaceae Dumort. Tribulaceae Trautv.


Staphyleaceae - Staphyleaceae is a small family of five genera of flowering plants in the order Crossosomatales, native to the Northern Hemisphere and also in South America.


Irvingiaceae - The family is named for the Scottish naval surgeon, Edward George Irving.