Family Boraginaceae

The Boraginaceae belong, according to the APG II, among the euasterid I group including the orders Gentianales, Lamiales, and Solanales, but whether they should be assigned to one of these orders or to their own is still uncertain.

Genera in the family Boraginaceae of plants


Amsinckia - A fiddleneck is a flowering plant in the genus Amsinckia.

Anchusa - The genus Anchusa L.

Argusia - Argusia is a genus of plant in family Boraginaceae.


Bourreria - Beurreria Jacq.

Cordia - Cerdana Ruiz & Pav. Cordiada Vell. Cordiopsis Desv. Lithocardium Kuntze Rhabdocalyx Lindl. Sebesten Adans. Sebestena Boehm.



Echium - Echium is a genus of 60 species of flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae.


Ehretia - Gaza Terán & Berland. Traxilum Raf.


Gyrocaryum - Species include:

Heliotropium - Beruniella Zakirov & Nabiev Bourjotia Pomel Bucanion Steven Cochranea Miers Euploca Nutt. Lithococca Small ex Rydb. Meladendron Molina Parabouchetia Baill. Valentina Speg.


Lithodora - Species include:


Rochefortia - Rochefortia is a genus of plant in family Boraginaceae.


Solenanthus - Species include:


Tiquilia - Eddya Torr. Galapagoa Hook. Monomesia Raf. Ptilocalyx Torr. Stegnocarpus Torr. Tiquiliopsis A.

Tournefortia - It was first published under the name Pittonia by Charles Plumier in 1703, in honour of Joseph Pitton de Tournefort.


Trichodesma - Species include:


Wellstedia - Species include: