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Cordia subcordata

C. subcordata grows to 710 m at maturity, but may be as tall as 15 m . It has ovate leaves that are 820 cm and 513 cm wide.

Cordia subcordata is a species of flowering tree in the borage family, Boraginaceae, that is native to eastern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, northern Australia and the Pacific Islands. The plant is known by a variety of names including Mareer, Manjak, Snottygobbles, Glueberry, Narrow-leafed Bird Lime Tree, "Kanawa," Tou, and Kou. Contents - * 1 Description * 1. More

This huge spreading Cordia subcordata tee at the edge of the Utwe Biosphere mangrove lagoon distracts the eye from the enormous ancient Pandanus behind it. IPTC: Copyright Notice Copyright (c) 2006 by Katrina Adams. All rights reserved. More