Genus Flueggea

Flueggea, the Bushweeds, is a genus of plants in the family Phyllanthaceae, comprising several much-ramified shrubs to large trees distributed throughout the Eastern Hemisphere's tropical zones.

Species in the genus Flueggea of plants

Flueggea neowawraea - Flueggea neowawraea, M?hamehame, is a species of flowering tree in the Bignay family, Phyllanthaceae, that is endemic to Hawaii. It can be found in dry, coastal mesic, and mixed mesic forests at elevations of 250 to 1,000 m . Associated plants include kukui , hame , ?ahakea , alahe?e , olopua , hao , and a?ia?i . M?hamehame was one of the largest trees in Hawai?i, reaching a height of 30 m and trunk diameter of 2 m . Native Hawaiians used the extremely hard wood of this tree to make weaponry.