Genus Brighamia

The group contains morphologically divergent species, and was long thought to have derived from at least three introductions: one for Lobelia and Trematolobelia, one for Brighamia, and one for Clermontia, Cyanea, and Delissea.

Species in the genus Brighamia of plants

Cabbage on a stick - B. insignis is a potentially branched plant with a succulent stem that is bulbous at the bottom and tapers toward the top, ending in a compact rosette of fleshy leaves. The stem is usually 12 m in height, but can reach 5 m .

Molokai ohaha - Pua ?ala reaches a height of 15 m and has a succulent, trunk-like stem that tapers from the base. The oval-shaped leaves are 622 cm long and 115 cm wide and form a rosette on the top of the plant.