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Molokai ohaha

Pua ?ala reaches a height of 15 m and has a succulent, trunk-like stem that tapers from the base. The oval-shaped leaves are 622 cm long and 115 cm wide and form a rosette on the top of the plant.

The Alula, or Molokai Ohaha, is found on the windward sea cliffs of Molokai between Halawa and Kalaupapa. Research has shown that 120 species of Lobelioideae flowers on Hawaii are descended from a single colonizing species! Family: Campanulaceae (kam-pan-yew-LAY-see-ay) Genus: Brighamia (brig-AM-ee-uh) Species: rockii (ROK-ee-eye)Category: Music Tags:endemic endagered species Hawaii Molokai Alula Hawai'i Brighamia rockii lobelioid Campanulaceae Loading... More