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Cabbage on a stick

B. insignis is a potentially branched plant with a succulent stem that is bulbous at the bottom and tapers toward the top, ending in a compact rosette of fleshy leaves. The stem is usually 1–2 m in height, but can reach 5 m .

cabbage on a stick, Brighamia insignis (Campanulales: Campanulaceae) cabbage on a stick Magnoliopsida > Campanulales > Campanulaceae Brighamia insignis A. More

'olulu, Alula, Cabbage On a Stick, Vulcan Palm, `olulu Common Names in Hawaiian: ‘olulu, 'olulu Description - Family Campanulaceae The Campanulaceae are herbs, shrubs , or rarely small trees comprising about 70 genera and 2,000 species usually with milky sap . More