Eungella day frog

The Eungella day frog is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Habitat Eungella day frogs can be found in steep rocky areas, under rocks or in crevices, but sometimes in more exposed areas, notably in the 'splash zone' of cascades and waterfalls in rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest streams. More

near extinction of the Eungella Day frog in 1985-86. Associate Professor Hamish McCallum, from The University of Queensland's Department of Zoology and Entomology, has written a paper which shows the Eungella Day frog now coexists with the supposedly lethal fungus. More

and Eungella day frog , are listed as endangered in the Queensland Nature Conservation (Wildlife) Regulation 1994. Habitat critical to these frogs' survival is restricted to perennial rainforest streams of Eungella National Park and adjacent state forests. More

the Eungella day frog in 1985-86. Researchers found the fungus was present as a stable, localised infection in two of the frog species and had no effect on the survival of the Eungella day frogs. More

Eungella Day Frog Taudactylus eungellensisis remains critically endangered to this day, and exists in large numbers on only one very small stretch of stream in Eungella National Park. This species has by no means evolved sufficient resistance to chytridiomycosis. More

* Eungella Day Frog, Taudactylus eungellensis * Fleay's Barred Frog, Mixophyes fleayi * Giant Barred Frog, Mixophyes iteratus Declining * Freycinet's Frog, Litoria freycineti *** More

* Eungella Day Frog Taudactylus eungellensis * Tinkling Frog Taudactylus rheophilus Reptiles Loggerhead turtle. More

the Eungella day frog, Taudactylus eungellensis These declines, and those that have occurred further south, seem to mostly affect stream-dwelling frogs in upland areas. The usual factors of habitat modification or predation by pests do not appear to be significant factors. More

Order : Anura
Family : Myobatrachidae
Genus : Taudactylus
Species : eungellensis
Authority : Liem and Hosmer, 1973