Red-crowned toadlet

The Red-crowned toadlet is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

DIstribution of the Red-crowned Toadlet in NSW The Red-crowned Toadlet, (Pseudophryne australis) is a species of Australian ground frog, restricted to the Sydney Basin, New South Wales. More

Despite its common name, the Red-crowned Toadlet is actually a frog. However it does share one physical feature of many toads: it has relatively short fore- and hind legs. More

that "There is no issue that the red-crowned toadlet exists upon the site, nor that it is listed as an endangered species." She concluded that "there is likely to be a serious impact upon the red-crowned toadlet" and she refused the development consent. More

The Red-crowned Toadlet is easy to identify by the bright orange-red triangle or 'T' shape on its head and a stripe on its lower back of the same colour. On its belly is a striking, marbled, black and white pattern. More

Red-crowned toadlet - Scientific Committee determination Red-crowned toadlet - species profile (PDF - 643KB) Red-crowned Toadlet - profile = Scientific name: Pseudophryne australis Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable Description More

Red-crowned Toadlet • Pseudophryne australis The Red-crowned Toadlet is a small frog (not a toad, contrary to its name) that is between 20 and 30 mm long, and lives in the sandstone cliffs that surround Sydney. More

to omit the Red-crowned Toadlet,Pseudophryne australis (Gray 1835), from Schedule 2 (Vulnerable Species) of the Act. Rejection of nominations is provided for by Part 2 of the Act. The Scientific Committee has found that: 1. More

Images previous Red-crowned toadlet imageRed-crowned toadlet in leaf litter © Graeme GillespieRed-crowned toadlet in leaf litter Species related by - * Family group * Habitat * Conservation More

The Red-Crowned Toadlet More

Images Red-crowned toadlet on mossy knoll © Ken Griffiths / More

The Red-crowned Toadlet is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the Hawkesbury/Nepean Catchment Management Region: CMA sub-region Known or predicted to occur Geographic restrictions within region Bathurst More

Image: Red-crowned Toadlet, Pseudophryne australis - Add comment Add tags Red-crowned Toadlet, Pseudophryne australis Description Red-crowned Toadlet, Pseudophryne australis Photographer: Gunther Schmida More

the Red-crowned Toadlet which is classified as "vulnerable" Schedule 2 under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. More

Maintaining frog habitats: Red-crowned Toadlet pdeudophryne australis and the Giant Burrowing Frog Heleioporus australiacus = Funding: 2001: $22,292 2002: $22,292 2003: $22,292 Project Member(s): Booth, D.J. More

red-crowned toadlet, Pseudophryne australis (Anura : Myobatrachidae) K. Thumm and M. J. Mahony Australian Journal of Zoology 50(2) 151 - 167 Full text doi:10.1071/ZO01038 - 1 articles found in CrossRef database. More

Order : Anura
Family : Myobatrachidae
Genus : Pseudophryne
Species : australis
Authority : (Gray, 1835)