Golden frog

The Golden frog is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki) is a critically endangered toad which is endemic to Panama. It has been considered a subspecies of A. varius, but is now generally regarded as a separate species. More

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Panamian Golden Frogs Now On Exhibit March 17, 2006 Panamanian golden frogs are now on exhibit at the Zoo's Reptile Discovery Center. These critically endangered amphibians are almost extinct in the wild. More

last Panamanian golden frogs in the wild. The video shows a male performing semaphore, wrestling another male, and clasping a female in amplexus. More

• The nerve toxin produced by the Panamanian golden frog is called "zetekitoxin” after the frog’s scientific name! • Native peoples form small frog objects called huacas of gold and clay to resemble and honor the golden frogs. More

The golden frog is poisonous, and is actually a distant relative of the venomous poison dart frogs of South America. Though it More

The golden frog of Panama, long a symbol of good luck, is in serious danger of extinction. The deadly chytrid fungus is wiping out the golden frog and other amphibians in Central America. More

Welcome to the Golden Frog Inn; a little piece of paradise here in El Valle de Anton. The villa, nestled in the Panama Rain forest, was built long ago by a sea fairing man from northern Europe. More

* A photo of a golden frog, courtesy of Gerry Marantelli and Amphibian Ark The package comes in a custom carrier box sure to thrill anyone who receives it. More

captured the golden frog on film, including rarely seen behavior. The golden frog was devastated by the chytrid fungus, which has caused astounding declines in frog populations worldwide. More

* Golden frogs produce toxins in their skin that make them noxious meals for predators. * Golden frogs are sexually dimorphic. The females of this species are up to twice the size of an average male. More

The Panamanian golden frog is named for its golden color, which is always interrupted by one or more black markings. More

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General:The Panamanian golden frog is a small frog with a brilliant orange-yellow color. Most have some irregular black stripes or bands on their backs. This colorful frog is a national symbol of the country of Panama. More

Panamanian Golden Frogs in the market at El ValleKeep an open eye in Panama and you might just see a Panamanian Golden Frog. More

The golden frog is a small poisonous frog which is bright yellow, orange or red with some red colouration on the upper surface of the hind legs. More

The Panama golden frog lives in Panama, a country in Central America. Unlike other frogs, the Panama golden frog lacks eardrums and communicates by waving its hands. More

This review is from: In Search of the Golden Frog (Hardcover) This book was great if you are interested in exploring the tropics through the eye of an academic. It was interesting to see how the world of academia has changed since Crump was a graduate student. More

Panama’s famous golden frog of El Valle de Anton west-central Panama, may have become extinct in the wild since 2006. More

The Panamanian Golden Frog has had to struggle for survival in ways that are similar to that of other species. New subdivisions are being planned and built on existing Golden Frog habitat. More

golden frog at risk. More

Golden Frog, or Poison dart frog Photo by Peter Singfield, Xaibe Village To comment on this picture, click here. More

The golden frog, for instance, is believed to be extinct in the wild, when years ago thousands of them inhabited Panama. People would often find them in the forests and keep them for good luck. More

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Order : Anura
Family : Mantellidae
Genus : Mantella
Species : aurantiaca
Authority : Mocquard, 1900