Hochstetter's frog

The Hochstetter's frog is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Hochstetter's frog (Leiopelma hochstetteri) is a New Zealand primitive frog, one of only four belonging to the ancient family Leiopelmatidae. It is named after the German geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter. More

Hochstetter's frog nevertheless is protected under New Zealand's Wildlife Act. SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS The frog is of scientific interest because of its uniqueness, primitive morphologic features, and high chromosomal variability. More

It is believed that Hochstetter's frog follows this developmental process. More

Hochstetter's frog has partial toe webbing and can be found in stream margins. New Zealand native frogs are unique because they do not go through a tadpole stage, but instead develop totally within a gelatinous capsule derived from an egg. More

Habitat of Hochstetter's frog (1st of 2) Habitat of Hochstetter's frog (1st of 2) Hamilton's frog and Archey's frog Hamilton's frog and Archey's frog Whistling frog climbing Whistling frog climbing Archey’s frog More

The Hochstetter's Frog lives in Rain Forest, River and Stream and Seashore. Answer verified with Encyclopedia.com Get more facts and information about Hochstetter's frog at Encyclopedia.com. More

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Zealand, Hochstetter's frogs were once widespread throughout the country before habitat destruction and the introduction of exotic predators such as rats and stoats saw them restricted to the top half of the North Island. More

The Hochstetter's frog is one of only four belonging to the ancient family Leiopelmatidae. Hochstetter's is the most widespread native species and grows up to 48mm long making it the largest of our native species. More

Hochstetter's frog in the Coromandel Ranges (of New Zealand), and discovered these species are long-lived also. Our oldest known Archey's frog is 23 years old, and Hochstetter's frog is 12 years old. More

Hochstetter's frog lays large unpigmented eggs in damp situations on the ground, which undergo direct development without a larval stage and the male frogs do not care for their young. More

Order : Anura
Family : Leiopelmatidae
Genus : Leiopelma
Species : hochstetteri
Authority : Fitzinger, 1861