Pacific Treefrog

The Pacific Treefrog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Pacific Chorus Frog (also known as the Pacific Treefrog) is perhaps the most abundant amphibian on the west coast of North America. The geographic range of these little frogs extends from British Columbia down to Baja California, and from the Pacific Ocean to Nevada and Montana. More

central Baja California, the distribution of the Pacific Treefrog is restricted to desert oases. The Pacific Treefrog is the only native frog species on the Channel Islands. This species is found in a wide range of habitats from sea level to the tops of mountains. More

Pacific treefrog tracks found at Hidden Springs beach, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California. Feb. 7, 2000. Pacific Treefrog Tracks Click to hear the treefrogs croak. More

A male Northern Pacific Treefrog calls while floating on a pond in the Cascades Mountains of Washington on a sunny Summer day. This is the two-part advertisement call. More

The Northern Pacific Treefrog produces two different kinds of advertisement calls: a two-parted, or diphasic call, typically described as rib-it, or krek-ek, with the last syllable rising in inflection, and a one-part, or monophasic call, also called the enhanced mate attraction call. More

Newly metamorphosed Pacific Treefrogs range in size from approximately 12 to 18 mm snout-vent length. The eggs are laid in small loose packets of around 9 to 70 eggs. The egg packets are approximately 20-40 mm in diameter. More

The Pacific treefrog is a small frog common in California, Oregon and Washington. In the spring, their calls are commonly heard near riparian areas. They are the only western frog whose call is a ribbit. Their toes have little rounded toe pads on them. More

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One of these, the Pacific Treefrog, is quite common in the far Western states. If fact, if you've ever heard a frog doing its “ribbet” thing anywhere along the Pacific Coast, it's probably been this one. More

The Pacific Treefrog is a very appealing little frog, and quite common in B.C. They are small frogs, up to 5 centimetres long, and may be any colour from pale grey or tan to bronze or bright emerald green. More

The Pacific treefrog is probably the most abundant frog found in California (Wright and Wright, 1995). Pacific treefrogs can be found from Mt. More

Pacific treefrogs can be distinguished from all other frogs within its geographic range by two characteristics: 1) the presence of toepads, and 2) a dark strip that extends from just before the nostril, through the eye, and past the tympanum (ear). More

Pacific Treefrog, Pseudacris regilla - pacific treefrog color variations dorsal patters of pacific treefrog The Pacific Treefrog is the most commonly heard frog on the west coast. The color of the individual can vary. More

Habitat: Pacific treefrogs can be found in a variety of habitats. They like deserts, meadows, forested areas, and agricultural areas, but typically, they live near a water source such as marshes, ponds or lakes. More

Not everyone has heard of the Pacific Treefrog, but everyone knows what these creatures say: "ribbit, ribbit." Because moviemakers have put the sound of this common California treefrog into so many film soundtracks, people think that lots of frogs say "ribbit," but only this one does. More

Pacific Treefrog Pseudacris regilla (Hyla regilla) = enlarge + Pacific Treefrog More

The Pacific treefrog is predominantly... More

American River 2/29/08 shows the Pacific treefrog and his croaking very loudly. harmonyartmom — March 01, 2008 — This video taken at the American River 2/29/08 shows the Pacific treefrog and his croaking very loudly.Category: Science & Technology Tags:pacific treefrog California frogs croaking nature study Loading... More

PACIFIC TREEFROG IN A BOAT = Some years ago Daniel, the son of Fred & Diana and now off at pilot school, put an old rowboat next to the trailer I'm staying in now, filled it with water, rocks, cattails, More

As a consequence, the Pacific Treefrog has been heard around the world. This species is sometimes placed in the genus Hyla. More

Being a Pacific Treefrog, there are several characteristics that set me apart from other frogs. I am green in colour, but some of the other frogs I have seen and mated with are grey, tan, or even bronze. More

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Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Pseudacris
Species : regilla
Authority : (Baird and Girard, 1852)