Squirrel treefrog

The Squirrel treefrog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirella) is a small species of tree frog found in the southeastern United States, from Texas to Virginia. More

Squirrel TreefrogThe squirrel treefrog can vary in color from brown to yellow-green to green. It is one to one and a half inches in length. It may have a light stripe running from under its eye along its jaw. More

Description: The squirrel treefrog is a small, smooth-skinned frog that can change color rapidly, from green to yellowish brown or brown. It generally has a poorly developed yellowish stripe on each side and sometimes spotting on the back. More

Description: The squirrel treefrog is highly variable in color and pattern, and may at any time be colored green, brown, or green and brown, and may be spotted or plain. Sometimes a dark spot or bar may appear between its eyes. More

The color of a squirrel treefrog can change from green to brown, depending on temperature or activity. They may have a dark spot or bar between their eyes and light stripes down their sides. More

(hence the name Squirrel Treefrog); can be heard at any time during breeding season, but most frequently close to rain storms Habitat: Moist, marshy areas, near ponds and lakes, but adapts to suburban developments and is frequently found around buildings - will More

The advertisement call of the Squirrel Treefrog is a nasal quacking repeated 1 or 2 times per second. More

SQUIRREL TREEFROG FULL OF EGGS treefrog eggsThe other day Hillary on the Mississippi Gulf Coast sent me an interesting picture of a Squirrel Treefrog. More

The Squirrel Treefrog is a smaller frog attaining lengths under 2 inches. This species is highly variable in color and pattern. A given individual can change color from green to brown and from spotted to plain. More

squirrel treefrog hyla squirella this species is sometimes called the rain frog because it monly heard before. Virginia s wildlife and boating agency characteristics the color of this species is extremely variable, and changeable. More

A very young squirrel treefrog perches on the tip of the photographer's index finger Exif - Photo Properties summary details Make NIKON CORPORATION Model More

This one looks a bit like a Squirrel Treefrog, but Alvin Braswell, Curator for Herpetology at the N.C. State Museum of Natural Sciences, thinks it may be a stripeless Green Treefrog morph. Falls Lake, Durham Co, NC 8/10/02. More

Vocalization: The breeding call for Squirrel Treefrogs is a raspy "quank-quank-quank" call that is similar to the quacking of a duck. The rain call is uttered frequently during warm, humid days, and is more rapid than the breeding call and sounds like a squirrel's churr. More

Order : Anura
Family : Hylidae
Genus : Hyla
Species : squirella
Authority : Bosc, 1800